Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kissed by a dolphin

Ok I am back! I was a little out of sorts with my son being gone and all but I have gathered myself back up and he is back and never ending joy can continue once again. So lets see he came back yesterday and blew bubbles.

While he as gone I painted and this super blue is the result.

He travelled all over so when those pictures get developed (I know how primitive to use film) I will post about his journey but you can see a sample now.

Easter Hat Spectacular

NYC has this Easter tradition whereby people don their "fancy" hats and walk around a closed 5th Avenue to show off. Everyone was there including Elvis.

Then it was on to McSorley's for too many beers and cheese and crackers.

Several days ago Pinknest blogged about Congee Village

So I had to go. I had seafood congee and a steaming sizzling seafood pot. Both were excellent and I cant wait to go again. And on the home front I made some grilled chicken with tortellini and sundried tomatoes for my lunch yesterday. And a view from my window of the city at night.


Beth said... missed your boy. That is so sweet. and I missed you!

guess what I ate today. Penne pasta w/ gorgonzola!!! YUM! I am hooked.

doggybloggy said...

it is so good isnt it?

buffalodickdy said...

Looks like your cooking can hold its' own with the restaurants!

pinknest said...

all excellent eats! i'm glad you went to congee village and enjoyed it!

so did you son love swimming with dolphins? it kind of freaks me out.

Michelle Ann said...

Doggy, where's a picture of you in your Easter hat??? By the way, your son is so adorable.

Harmony said...

Wow...that's a lot of pictures! Your grilled chicken and pasta looks amazing!!!

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