Friday, April 11, 2008


As we skid into the weekend over here at ChezWhat aka 'alittlebitofchristo' 'doggybloggy' or 'whateva' we are in our usual state of 'pressed' as in pressed for time pressed for this and pressed for that, you know pressed. This afternoon was spent at some of my favorite wild mushroom locales but it is still too early in the season, even though we were able to bring home some wild greens, garlic mustard and garlic chive mostly and some sumac that I will make into some kind of infusion to deliver its potent citrus flavor it was slim pickins' in 'mushroomlandia'. This was last years bounty and we went a week or two too late and didnt return often enough, mushrooms are fickle, thats why I went a month early, just to be sure. Can you tell I am anxious for spring?When I say 'we' In this case, I am making reference to my mushroom friend and his daughter from the pups class, they get along great, they have fascinating conversations and she sits in the middle buckled up by choice instead of the other window seat, its way too cute. To have a friend from his school is contrary to me and thats made even more complicated with the fact that one of my buddies from NM who is still one of my buds and his slightly older kids go to my kids school - first, which means I have to ignore them oh the corners I back into.


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