Thursday, April 17, 2008


ditch fish

on top of Acoma Pueblo

on top of a massive lava flow

words to live by

forgiveness is the
scent left by the flower
on the foot that has crushed it.

trust is the scar
left by the knife
on the heart that

faith is the lasting
act of accepting
the unknown
over that
that is known.

and to be trespassed
against and to still
erect no fences
is the ultimate home.

CG 3[2002 -2008]


Lara Croft said...

wow nice poem

Dana said...

Unfortunately, fences - tall BRICK fences - are my friend ...

akakarma said...

I've always loved that poem! Thanks for posting it.

Leighann said...

Nice photos :)

I enjoyed that poem!

doggybloggy said...

lara: thanks and even though I wrote it I feel like I didnt

dana: not good, break down the fences you will have a better view

aka: I forgot you have seen this before

leighann: a little scenery to go...

Spin said...

Very nice poem. No fences around my place.

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