Monday, April 14, 2008

guts and glory

Forever growing up as a boy I was presented food challenges. It started with the farm and it moved on to hunting and whatever. The 'whatever' became things like yoghurt or 'field' rice or whatever mixed with that cured 'thing'. Life was different 30 years ago when some of us was 18.

We had cool shit but not the shit you got now. Our shit could go 80 miles an hour just like that. We used to gather and eat an entire animal and the garden that fed it. Now. Well now its more gentle.

When do you see 2 Ferarri?s I see one all the time but then on broadway we are met with two. ( I let them get in front of me) Lucky, thats all I can say.


Dana said...

I showed my son (a HUGE Ferarri fan) your post - he wants to know when we can come visit!

buffalodickdy said...

The big cities is where you find the expensive cars- and vanity plates!

Beth said...

I've told you before dog....QUIT FOLLOWING ME!!! I'm gonna call the cops!

Anette said...

I'd say its a Ferrari inflation..

And so the sum of those two, never gets so magical as the feeling you got if you saw one and doubled it...if you know what I mean... do you?

Bina said...

Of course you let them in front of you! How could you look at two such nice asses! LOL

Michelle Ann said...

I don't understand why someone would have a Ferarri in a city where your car is mostly in idle muddling through deadlock traffic.

doggybloggy said...

dana: nyc always has its doors open

buffalo: thus spoke the buffalo

beth: who you gonna call the cream of wheat man?

anette: well spoken

bina: I always have the need to look at nice asses

michelle: exactly and cars like this are fast

Emiline said...

Those are some pretty sweet Ferraris.
I'm thinking about moving to NYC for culinary school. What do you think?
Is New York worth the money?

doggybloggy said...

emiline: for you? for cooking school? ABSOLUTELY its worth should do it.

Anette said...

What were you doing takung photos while drivineg anyway??

k said...

i parked next to a ferrari the other day. i did the comic strip thing of rubbing my eyes and looking again to make sure they did not deceive. it was in a parking garage for crying out loud. when people spend more on a car than i spent on my house shouldn't they invest in a hermetically sealed bubble to cover their car at all times and not have to park in garages like the peasants?! :)

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