Thursday, February 21, 2008

feeding an army

I've never had to 'feed an army'. Big parties are another matter, but isnt that usually a 'pot luck'. I love terms like that. A friend and I had 'lunch club' in college. It was hardly a club it was only her and it was only if I cooked. The premise was that one person could bring an ingredient to another persons house (club members of course - you know 'lunch club') and then a preparation of lunch would ensue. She took full advantage and always had a great lunch, I on the other hand did not. When I wanted to do 'lunch club' and I went to her with an ingredient I was welcomed with "were not playing today", now thats a little fib there because I didnt 'always' get the response since I only went once. She came over often. So we got pot luck and lunch club what else is there? BYOB but thats not a phrase its an acronym. I like onomottopeee ahs....sounds like sopaipillas or tortillas. Tag sale, yard sale, estate sale, nah those are not like pot luck. Sleep over - thats a good one - the sleep over. So far all three you dont know what your getting. Pot luck - says enough. Lunch club - good question. Sleep over - can get tricky. Lets see how about 'camp out' does that count? Today I filled out more simple forms and 'transgender' was a choice.


Dana said...

Today I filled out more simple forms and 'transgender' was a choice.

One of these days there will be so many boxes to put us in they'll have to STOP putting us in boxes!

Leighann said...

The term "pot luck" makes me throw up in my mouth!

My dad and his jabba the hut-esque wife used to tell people they were going to pot lucks, come to find out in their world, pot luck = orgies!!

pinknest said...

did somebody say...sopapilla?

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