Sunday, March 18, 2007

Irish For A Day

Not too much Irish going on over here but we boil up the fixins' anyway. Tradition, well our tradition, since we dont have one, I just get the biggest pot I can find and fill it with water and load it with meat and seasonings. I use the little sprinkle that comes with the meat and then tons of my own like chile flakes and garlic and onions I leave the skins on to give more color, I even throw in some pickling spice just for the clove flavor. This year I did two large packages of corned beef adding up to around 8 pounds of future sandwich heaven. After it has boiled a while I throw in cabbage and potatoes. When it is ready it gets to either pile on a plate and eaten with bread on the side (rarely an option) or slapped between two pieces of rye bread slathered with mustard. I like the sandwich the best because I dont feel bad eating two in a row, plus I dont like cabbage and plus the potatoes seem gross and then to spoon it all up with a fork seems all the wierder so I opt for mixing cultures. Jewish Rye all the way.

I like this brand of rye since it is soft and subtle with the rye and you can either get seeded or un seeded, I go for no seeds. So its basically however you want with the sandwich, piled high or layerd thin with the cabbage with out the cabbage heck I dont know I'm not Irish.

It snowed so we made window box snowmen.

Then we got drunk, got in a fight and called it St. Paddy's day!

Later some characters visited and reeked havoc. Perhaps
channeling some latent and distant leprechaun relation.

They had potions and amulets and little wierd coins and spoke in a variety of accents and then just as suddenly they were gone.


pinknest said...

i was watching alton brown make this on good eats! i adore corned beef. especially corned beef hash.

buffalodick said...

I made up some totally authentic reubens today myself!

Anonymous said...

Your window box snowmen are adorable.

I see the slight resemblance to your leprechaun relatives.

Angel said...

I want to party at your house. And I love the indow box snowmen! that's a great idea.

Your kid is so cute! Even with those teeth...

MommaMonkey said...

Sounds like a fun St. Patty's day! That little leprechan is a cutie!

Tanya Kristine said...

aaaaaaaaaaah, st. patties day. maybe my favorite holiday.

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