Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Full uh flay vuh

Thats all I got. I cant make a plate look pretty for nuttin'. I make my feeble attempts but they always fall way short of the mini installations I crave, but the flavor sticks with you like a bad date, well maybe thats not the best way to say it. I have always known that the eyes eat first but I guess I expect blindness to kick in while the aroma takes over. Red rover, red rover send aroma right over. My other weakness is the titilation, see I cant write to create a tickle I want to kick your ass quick and get it over with. So the dog will be working on two things: one better looking plates and two teasing you with my words, lets see if it ever happens.


Harmony said...

The eyes eat first? I never thought of it that way...and I can see truth in that. I love a meal full of color and beauty.

Since I am from the future, heh, I can say you have accomplished both...great looking plates..and wonderful words to match. Although I believe you were good at both before "working" on them.

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