Wednesday, September 10, 2008

look out ebay

We have these Sesame Street Christmas ornaments that someone gave Banana and we are either going to put them on ebay or sell them at a block party this coming weekend. I was thinking 20 bucks each but the yard sale thing is gonna knock that price way down with all the haggling and all. What do you think. We have many but no Elmo and no Big Bird from what I have looked at, we do have the Count, my favorite and he was my favorite before I stayed in his beach house in South Jersey one weekend when he wasnt there but a "Count" was. Yup in the closet was a count puppet, it was way too cool. His wife was a friend of my friend (her) and she put us (me and my wife) up there one weekend while they (the voice of the count and his wife) were away, this was probably a good guess.

I took these photos right before my camera quit and couldnt upload them. There are more(ornaments not photos) this is just a taste.

How do you like my nifty custom stenciled background? When I was arguing with banana about these I insisted the photos needed something 'extra'.

What is the going rate on something like this, any ideas?

No matter really, I wont sell them unless the price is attractive. It doesnt matter how nice the photo is, I will hold on to these puppys till the dinosaurs come home.


doggybloggy said...

Clueless, just like me, what do you do when you are handed and you accept 10 or 15 boxed and labeled 'theme' ornaments, the land of Banana I tell ya. Well Banana brings them home and then tells me to 'do something with these' and thats what I am doing. She sounds like my "boss" in this context my own Sarah Palin...I would not have brought them home were it me... or would I? They are Sesame Street after all.

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