Friday, September 12, 2008


Damn, I meant to save this till later and kapow its on google reader and god knows (ask sarah palin) what other rss feed.

I never do those MEME things well, Hell I cant go to therapy I just sit there and comfortably lie. So I stole this and I stole it from chino california, or austin texas or whatever proxy you can come up with....bloggers are and are not who they say they are....everyone is lying to someone right? There's the 'my husband doesnt know I blog' liar there is the 'I only have this blog' liar there is the 'you name it' liar....

Tin Truths Five

1. If I could rob one store and get away with it, it would be Sephora
I would go with Dean & Deluca
2. My favorite vegetable is the Artichoke
Sounds good, why not
3. My eye's are my best asset
Mine are blue/green depending
4. I am a true Redhead although nobody believes me
cracks me up, imagine me a redhead, but my hair WAS black
5. I want to die in my sleep
sounds good, why not
6. I don't like chewy ass cookies
I only like chewy ass cookies
7. I really love spoons, it all started when I was very young
me too, why not
8. I refuse to mow, its a man job
I am a man and I refuse to mow
9. I really, really wish I could change the world
me too
10. I wish I had a Xanax
sounds like xanadu, never had it

I thought of changing it to suit my answers and then I thought - who cares? and then I thought who cares about that so I put mine after.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I think you should donate the ornaments; during the holidays to some family with young kids that really need them. Come on.. you've got to know somebody.. you probably don't really need the money and you would really make a Christmas special for someone. :)

9/12/2008 10:39 PM

doggybloggy said...

michelle: done. but not to some family but many children ...that way the memory is spread to many someones...perfect. I know what to do.

buffalodickdy said...

I think those lists show how different we all all- but not totally!

TavoLini said...

I care. I'm glad you posted it, though I can't quite believe that artichoke is your fave veg.

My mom was a big fan of the phrase, "in the big scheme of things, does it really matter?"

and, though I'm fairly level headed...sometimes I just want to scream, "Yes! This is little, but it really, really matters!!"

doggybloggy said...

tavolini: I have so many favorite vegetables that its a silly question - its a seasonal thing.

my mom always said 'rat now and not that mousey kind of rat'

just a girl... said...

well I am glad you liked it. we do it like this every Thursday you know so come back now ya hear. You caught on to the game quick I look fowarding to reading your tin truths as well.

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