Thursday, September 11, 2008


Living here and living through that event is not easy to describe. Witnessing this tragedy is/was terrifying. NY will never be the same.

The fear of watching the planes hit the towers, the additional fear that there could be more, the fear of watching the buildings collapse and feeling that rumble through the city, the military presence that was intimidating and then the months long cloud of smoke and stench, the stench is what lingered well into November, its the stench that I cant forget, the smell of death.


buffalodickdy said...

Funny how everyone remembers exactly what they were doing when it happened...

buffalodickdy said...
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TavoLini said...

hard to believe its been seven years.

Spin said...

Bad enough seeing it on TV. So true how we all remember extactly what we were doing.

Bittersweet Confusion said...

I was there that day and I don't think I'll ever forget where I was or what I was doing.

Working here everyday though I've seen how disgusting it has become. 9-11 (I think some down here are calling it patriot day) was a tragedy that has grossly been profited upon. Talk about disrespect, talk to those people who come thousands of miles to see a grave that had nothing to do with a memory of a loved one but just to say they've been there. A tourist attraction... a guy on the corner selling a cheap album of the HORROR for $20... People who used to be call each other brothers now strangers once again.

I can't say I will ever forget but I can't stand what this day has become. I will remember it in my own way and pass it everyday, say a prayer and go about my business.

Mandi said...

On each anniversary I think we all think about what happened that day, no matter where we live. I watched it on TV last night until about 2am, they were showing the 9-11 film done by the two french (I think, well they sounded french) filmakers who were with the crews that day, it is always thought provoking and it should remind us all to make sure that we do and say everything we want to every single day because no one knows what the future holds and we should live life to the fullest until our time is up.

Michelle said...

What a horrible day for the people of this nation. Even here in Idaho I had friends that lost loved ones! I cried tears for so many lost families and loved ones. Its a terrible day when Gods children lose value for precious life. May we NEVER forget!

doggybloggy said...

buff: We had the car loaded with gallons of water and powerbars for months after that, we devised many alternate plans in case the bridges and tunnels were disabled it was not fun.

tavolini: it is hard to believe its been that long and not long at all really, the first attempt at the trade center was in 96 I believe (I need to check my facts)

spin: dusty, stinky and terrifying

bittersweet: never forget

mandi: I was unable to watch anything about it until last year

michelle: I lost people who I only knew by e mail - clients - really confusing with no closure what so ever.

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