Tuesday, May 15, 2007


We went to a swimming birthday party on Sunday and everyone had to wear swim caps! 7-8 kids all together and one teenager and one adult enjoyed the pool.

I didnt get in the water but I thought I would show you my wet head anyway. Its early in the morning and I look a little tired, plus it isnt too easy to take pictures of yourself. Canned ravioli, Big Macs and store brand soda around these parts lately so no food pictures in fact I am going over to Mushy's now to get some canned inspiration. (not true just not making anything interesting and not taking any photos, lots of smoothies and protein shakes, and repeats of favorites. How often can I post rice balls or sushi?)

Later in the day...I guess its not tired just old. I look cranky, like an old crumudgeon, is that even how you spell it...I need to know since that is the new me. I had a makeover. I went from young to old and this is the result. Why am I so cranky? At least I am living to complain about it, complaining is a good thing it means you are alive and pathetic. I hate complainers and now it tis the new me. I am on a mission to discredit the school librarian. She hates me and I feel the same. She mistakenly told me once that "she knows whats best for my child"..well things changed at that second. Any suggestions on how to go about this will be tried once, evaluated and if the evaluation is positive they will be used till exhaustion.

The Dogg and the Pupp are ready for summer!


pinknest said...

what! i came here specifically to see rice balls and sushi. which i'd like to have at a swimming party. although i guess i'd feel bloated afterwards and not want to swim.

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Swimming looks like fun! But I find it odd that everyone had to wear swimming caps. Is that norm in those parts?

You don't look old. I think you look distinguished. Besides, we all go through periods of bitch-and-moaning, don't we? I mean, we all go through rough patches where all we want to do is complain about ourselves and feel like we are something we didn't aim to be, right? I'm with you, I hate complainers, but sometimes you must get things off your chest. It's only healthy.

Oh, and that school librarian so would have gotten a big-ol' boot-tay whoopin' if she had said something like that to me. Oh.No.She.Didn't.
You so need to do something to discredit her...I just don't know what it could be at this moment!

I need some good smoothie and protien shake ideas...want to share any with me?

Mel said...

I had the same makeover!!

Beth said...

we must go to the same salon, cuz I had the same makeover! :)

1. You are NOT old. And I love the clean shaven face! It's about time you post a picture, you slacker.

2. there is absolutely nothing wrong with canned ravioli.

3. KICK HER ASS!!! I can't believe she said that to you. No one knows YOUR child better than YOU. again, kick her ass.

4. I have never had a smoothie! Have I ever told you that? ;)

5. cheer up are a fantastic looking MAN, not a little boy, and you have SO much to give to give someone. Your warm and funny and a fantastic cook :) and a beautiful father who gets depressed when his kid is gone on vacation. there is nothing sexier than a man totally devoted to his chilc. It's true. ask any woman. It's sexy!

6. HUGS!

buffalodickdy said...

I used to have to go to swim meets when my kids were younger. The chemicals in the air would age you!

Queue_t said...

that is one pretty nice looking pool. When I was A kid they always made us wear bathing caps.

I don't know about the librarian- sucks when they put up fighting words, Hh is reading at about an 8th grade or beyond level and our Librian in the elementary just shakes her head and says she has offered all the selection she can to us. so we go to the public library and do the youth YA section.

I agree that you do not look old to me, I say I have earned all those gray hairs on my head.

I love canned raviolli! infact bought some this week too. LOL

Mushy said...

I feel your pain!

Fathairybastard said...

Man, you look like you're thiunkin' "If you take ONE MORE PICTURE, I'm gonna BEAT YOUR ASS!" Only you're takin' the pictures. Funny. Swimming is excellent fun, but the swim cap thing must be regional. We don't do that down here. I remember when my sister had to wear one when we were kids, swimming on air base pools, but I never did. Tryin' to keep their pumps from getting clogged with lots long hairs off female heads. And I hope you told the librarian where to go.

Harmony said...

I am loving this post, because I am totally feeling it.

"At least I am living to complain about it, complaining is a good thing it means you are alive and pathetic. I hate complainers and now it tis the new me" ~ this had me rolling!!! We all go through it...and we all hate that we do yada yada pathetic yada. You know the routine!

And? We are only as old as we allow ourselves to be...quite frankly sometimes it's pretty damn hard to pull of 20...when that happens I know I am my own age or higher...but 20 comes back and stupid things happen, and I feel young! LOL or something like that.

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