Friday, June 08, 2007

The Times

This article really sums up whats happening now. The same way MTV made everyone a music and fashion expert, I believe The Food Network has turned anyone who eats into some kind of gourmand and sadly underqualified as a gourmet. You hear it as you walk down the street you see it when you go to cheese shops or other specialty food places, these twenty somethings saying things like "I have been shopping here forever" and then making faux pas after faux pas. Whats even more funny is the fact that I have been going to these places for probably as long as this new foodie has been alive. Now dont get me wrong this is not a bitter post this is just the evolution of things, the same way the computer made everyone a graphic artist, now everyone is a foodie, and is proud to attach that title to themselves and their friends. The only thing that can come out of this is homogenization... lets see.


Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Well, I'll watch the Food Network, but I only shop at Krogers, follow recipes from Kraft magazines, and I had to look up what the hell "Mycophagy" means. I like food, but I like it best when someone else has cooked it. :) So, I'm no foodie.

I guess the Food network has done to some people the in the same fashion as Home Depot and HGTV has made everyone general contractors.

doggybloggy said...

chel: thats my point. now anyone with a TV and a hammer can frame a house.

Mel said...

Not me, I know my limitations and special skills and cooking is not one of them. I Dont watch any cooking shows except for Hell's kitchen. I am not a foodie.

Tanya Kristine said...

as much cooking as i do, i suck.

but i try. i try really hard.

doggybloggy said...

mycophagy...chel you are not the only one...

buffalodickdy said...

I pride myself on the many years it took for me to gather over 250 cookbooks, while learning how to use some of the recipes in them. Before the Food Channel among friends and relatives I was a recognized source of info on about anything they wanted to make. The informative shows on TV have made simple food complicated, and now odd ingredients, obscure terms,
and cooking methods abound in our daily lives.

Melinda said...

Hello Dogg, Interesting article. I suppose it was bound to happen that the 'in' food becomes a status symbol.
I don't give a hoot what other people think I should be cooking. Especially if I have invited them to dinner... they are lucky to be invited.
I just love food and love trying new things. I especially love simple well cooked meals. Don't you just get a kick out of Pinknest, how she loves good fries!

S* said...

Food snob!

Teasing, I only tease!

I was thrown into the world of the foodie when I went to work for a top restaurant guide. I found it scary how seriously the gourmand takes his food. It nauseated me the way people would literally look at what I was eating for lunch at my desk and judge me!

But alas, that experience and simply living in NYC brought me over to the dark side...sort of. I'm a foodie, but not a food snob.

Momma Cupcake said...

Hmm. This got me thinking. In fact I think I might have burned up a few brain cells while doing it.

I think a foodie is this:

A person who has an innate respect for food and its preparation. Meaning where it comes from and why..the history of the recipe. A foodie may not be able to cook but understands the emotion and the love that goes into cooking.
A foodie never claims to know it fact we are always learning.

No I don't watch the food network really..only Iron Chef but I was watching Iron Chef when it was only the Japanese version...I don't even watch Paula Deen anymore.

I know that I am a foodie because I wake up and think of food and go to sleep thinking about it. I'm not a trained chef...just a home cook....I don't have the most expensive cookware or a fancy kitchen but I do have an appreciation for what I have. I'm a food blogger but I'm not a fact I only use a Kodak Easy Share camera...though I am ecstatic just to even have a camera.

I think I get what you are saying Mr. Gonzales. Don't pretend to be something you aren't...but appreciate what you are. We all start somewhere. It was nice to have such a thought provoking article to read.

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