Sunday, June 10, 2007

Euell Gibbons

This man had the biggest effect and affect on me that a person could ever have, well besides Diana Vreeland. When I was a kid and I heard him say on TV "ever eat a pine tree, many parts are edible?" I was hooked. And yeah I have eaten the edible things from a pine tree. Needless to say more of Gibbons rubbed off on me than Vreeland. So what I have learned about mushrooms in this even number of decades is some you eat and most you look at.


Beth said...

Hey, I remember that guy!!! When I lived with my Dad in California, I was in the Brownies and we marched in a parade, and he was the Grand Marshall!!! least I think it was him.... ;)

Vincent Guihan said...

Mmmmm, pine trees!

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