Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Any time I get to speak french I jump at the opportunity, not that I speak french or anything but who doesnt like to say french words, so today it is a melange of unrelated things. First of those is nopalitos. Nopales are the leaves, if you could call them that, from the prickly pear cactus. People do different things with them but I simply slice them into strips and then flour egg and bread crumbs and fry. They are tasty and okra like.

Then it is more mushrooms, since I found mushroomlandia I have hit the mother lode of wine cap mushrooms, they are so much tastier than portobellas and they are wild, plus they will keep coming back up until October. These are not wine caps these are entylomas and they are poisonious but they look nice. The wine caps are below.

Then it was two dozen oysters on the half shell with lime, horseradish and hot sauce. Sweet, succulent and briney all the qualities of a good oyster.

Oh and cherries, tons of cherries. we did our own cold stone creamery by freezing a marble slab and then mixing custardy fresh made vanilla ice cream with pitted cherries. Who needs to go anywhere?


Beth said...

show off.

we just got a cold stone creamy near here and I want to go sooo bad. that's all I hear good it is. I love ice cream..REAL ice cream, not dairy queen...gak!!!!!

and I love mushrooms...but not oysters, although I've never had oysters. I just think they would feel like an eyeball in my mouth. nuh uh..

pinknest said...

wow, this is sensory overload in all the right ways!! mushrooms, oysters, ice cream, MEAT! i love it.

buffalodickdy said...

Over-the-top gourmet! Mushrooms and oysters? Perfect.

Vincent Guihan said...

I like nopalitos, too, although you can only get them pickled and jarred up here (which I assume is kinda like eating canned mushrooms), speaking of which, that's one one big 'shroom!

S* said...

I LOVE oysters on the half shell. I'd be too scared to do them at home. Even if it's just opening them up and eating them.

Tanya Kristine said... off indeed. that looks delish!

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