Sunday, July 31, 2011

Foodbuzz 24x24: We all Scream for Ice Cream - a NYC roof top tasting

Who hasnt heard this saying  - "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" at least once in their lives - well if you havent then this is your first of millions.
Like so many before me I knew instantly what my proposal was going to be for this months Foodbuzz 24 x 24. Summer heat brings summer fun and what's more fun than ice cream? I will tell you what. Ice cream with grown up flavors, thats what, and if not grown up flavors then dang good ones at that.
For my Foodbuzz 24 x 24 I decided I was going to make a few unique flavors of ice cream - how does 8 out of this galaxy creations sound - then invite a few friends over for a little roof top tasting. So I made some ice cream and I made some ice cream cones and I decorated the rooftop for this special festive occasion. When dont christmas lights make magic out of the mundane?
I started off with a basic vanilla ice cream and added flavors - how else would you do it?
Vanilla Ice Cream 

1/2 cup sugar
dash of salt
2 cups half and half
1 cup milk
1 egg, beaten (you can substitute cornstarch or xanthan gum if using eggs is an issue)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Combine sugar salt and all the milk and half the half and half in a saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally until mixture almost boils then reduce heat to low.

Gradually stir about half of this hot mixture into the beaten eggs to temper then incorporate all together and heat until it thickens stirring constantly, remove from heat and refrigerate 2 hours.

Whip the other cup of half and half with the vanilla flavoring until soft peaks form and fold this into the chilled mixture and pour into your ice cream maker and proceed as per its instructions.

When I had a few batches of vanilla made I then organized my flavors and the chemistry began.
some things from the garden some things from fruit stands
I should mention that "organizing" these flavors involved a trip to the Union Square Farmers Market as well as my garden, fruit stands and the supermarket - all on my trusty red bike. When I narrowed it down to the final 8 flavors - this was the result:
Mint Mojito Majesty is a twist on the mojito (obviously) with a little lime and a little mint and the tiniest splash of rum.
Luscious Lavender will make you wonder why you never had lavender ice cream before now. Aromatic, floral and sweet with the perfume of lavender makes this flavor special.
Mexican Chocolate Chocolate  is just that - Mexican chocolate - complete with the cinnamon and the spices and I added in a little bit of mulato chile just because I can. 
Sweet Summer Peach - just typing that makes me blush and to say it out loud makes me need a cold shower.
Fantastic Figgy Fig gave rum another mission - get it Mission figs - rum with a mission, hahahaha.
Don’t be Blue Blueberry  put a bright blue smile on your face with this blue blast of summer delight.
Lemon Basil Goat Cheese Vanilla takes a simple classic like vanilla and kicks it all the way out to left field with the complimentary tangs of the the lemon basil and the goat cheese - it may not be sweet but it sure is a honey - this baby is all grown up.
Carrot Cake a little carrot a little cinnamon a little cream cheese "frosting" and some "cake" - that is what is carrot cake isnt it? Isnt it? I cant play favorites - just sayin'.
The only way to make these fabulous flavors more fabulous would be to serve them in fresh made waffle bowls and cones rich with the flavors of malt and vanilla and since you are dying to know how I did it I will tell you.

Waffle Cones

2 cups sifted flour
1/2 cup sugar
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract ( I used my home made 
vanilla extract again)
1/3 cup Ovaltine malt powder
1 egg
1 cup water (adjust water until a loose batter is formed)

Preheat waffle iron - if you have the actual waffle cone waffle iron then use that a pizzelle maker works great too but I am using an old waffle iron from Norway that makes heart shaped waffles like this. Mix all ingredients together forming a loose and liquid batter pour thinly into hot iron - you are not trying to make big fat waffles but thin waffles. Cook both sides until brown and quickly form into cones or bowls while hot.

even made a little form for every one to fill out so I could get some focus group feedback.  I asked about mouth feel, texture (texture and mouth feel may seem the same but they are not), flavor and would you buy it - the results were interesting. Stay tuned for the next several posts as I am going to be leaking out each recipe as a blog post and then several detailed posts hinting about the consensus of my marketing survey before I actually post the results thereby milking this idea as much as I can so thats 8 ice cream flavors that would then become 8 separate blog posts....ha ha ha ha, just kidding - dont you hate when people stretch out blog posts like that - I know I do. I will give you the results here and now and the recipe is already there all you have to do is flavor it to your liking.
The over all favorite was the Mexican Chocolate Chocolate.  The creamiest was the Lemon Basil Goat Cheese Vanilla. The one that tasted most like actual carrot cake was the Carrot Cake. Then Luscious Lavender and Mint Mojito Majesty got best of show for most "cultivated" flavors, and while "most cultivated" was not part of the criteria these two shone through and created a category all their own. This isnt to say that Sweet Summer Peach,  Fantastic Figgy Fig, and Don’t be Blue Blueberry werent good rich flavors its that the tasting panel felt they were not exotic compared to the others and everyone would buy every one except the fig - they said it just wasnt figgy enough. So there you have it now go Scream for Ice Cream!


East Village Eats said...

Damn Christo, those are some unique flavor combinations! I think the Mexican chocolate & Mint Mojito would have been my favorites. Great photography, as usual.

Mike@ The Culinary Lens said...

Such a cool New York thing. Great Ice Cream Flavors up on the Tar Beach with a skyline view..
They have locked my roof so no more tar beach for me

Marjie said...

I want the carrot cake and peaches and cream ice cream. I made a frozen lemon souffle this weekend, will post it tomorrow and damn was it outstanding! So we're in the same mindset: frozen confections!

Anonymous said...

here I admit I never heard of that screaming sentence(admit its your find).Which doesn't mean I haven't screamed for ice cream inside;)
You are so fortunate with all the fantastic food choices in NY.I was doing some research for a series of blogs :Market day in: and was impressed with all your fresh food markets.
Well can't complain.My fresh market is jsut outside my door as I have a big veggie and fruit garden(also commercial) and all organic .That reminds me ..when my family(all foodies) arrived in new Zealand in begining 890ties my mother complained how little there was in cheese and other delicasies.And the culianry top was t here roasted leg of lamb and potatoes ,mintsauce and peas.
However since than we had so many new arrivals here ..from europe,asia and other parts of the world,somefantastic cheesemakers as well so
hooray we are in food paradise too;)

The Duo Dishes said...

Lemon Basil Goat Cheese all the way.

Vickie said...

Ooh la la! I'll take a scoop of that Lucious Lavender in a waffle cone - beautiful post, Christo!

The Mom Chef said...

What a cool idea. I'd gravitate straight to the mint mojito one. That's right up my alley. Fantastic job.

TavoLini said...

Lemon Basil Goat Cheese??!!!! Awesome!! Love these, Christo, and am a big fan of the waffle cones as well :) Carrot cake sounds excellent, too, and I'm always a sucker for chocolate. Well done!

teresa said...

oh my gosh, that's a party i'd love to go to. the flavors sound amazing. the mint mojito and carrot cake have me most intrigued. excellent job!

Anonymous said...

So much fun! Your ice cream flavors are truly unique!

Doc said...

Wow, an amzing cascade of flavors. You really put alot of effort into this endeavor; I scream because I wasn't there to scream for your ice cream.

monica said...

I love how you've made waffle cones - I would have never thought of that, allthough I use a waffle iron just like yours ever so often..

Jorie said...

I'm with you on the magic of christmas lights and ice cream. And by the way that is a sweet rooftop. Love the heart shaped waffles!

snugs said...

wow, I want some of all of them!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

Why was I not invited to this roof top tasting...sigh... :)

Jamie said...

Fabulous - the whole thing (lovely rooftop). It doesn't surprise me that the chocolate came out on top as people seem to like something more traditional that reminds them of when they were kids, am I right? Love the waffle cones! And now I wish I had both an ice cream maker and a big freezer! I just made one flavor of ice cream...

Anette said...

Oh I wish I had been there!! You know how to go all the way with the cool stuff!

MrsLavendula said...

wow send some over they look deliciously unique!

Lori Lynn said...

Seriously fun 24 Christo.
YAY for summer, ice cream, and screaming for it.
I'm voting for the goat cheese version.

Stacey Snacks said...

Looks fabulous!
and I haven't been able to find fresh figs anywhere lately.....all my farmers say it's too hot, and I see you have them for $3 a box!!!
Yummy ice cream party!

Angie's Recipes said...

I would love to join the tasting! What a cool event!

Table Talk said...

How fun! Inventive flavors. Mexican chocolate would have my vote without even tasting--the chille addition is a+

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