Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Vanilla Malt - its way too good
Now I want everyone to take out their pad and pencils or uni-balls and filo faxes or i-phones and apps or e- recipes or what ever it is you use to help you in the kitchen because today is your lucky day. If you werent sure you read that right I will repeat - today is your lucky day because today I am going to teach you how to make a classic vanilla malt. Oh you might think its pretty easy but I kid you not you can google recipes for it and if there is a teacher then there must be students.

start with a clean blender
add ice cream and vanilla
time to make more vanilla
add malt
add milk and blend
thick and rich and delicious
step by step visual instructions
too good not to share
I like mine nice and thick and rich and delicious so if you dont like them thick and rich and delicious then this is not the recipe for you.

Classic Vanilla Malted

yield: 24 ounces

16 ounces of vanilla ice cream
8 ounces your choice of milk ( I use coconut milk or soy milk or almond milk)
1/2 teaspoon of good vanilla extract ( I made some here in case you need to know how)
2 tablespoons of malt 

Blend everything until its thick and rich and delicious and pour into two twelve ounce glasses and serve with a straw or two.

You see I have used Osterizer and Silk and Ovaltine in my recipe - I know what you are thinking - they should be paying me for this kind of endorsement but it just so happens that is what I had around the house and I did not feel like taping over the labels so this time they get a little freebie and so do you - yup thats right you dont need to give me 99 cents for this perfect little recipe - I give it to you as a gift - its a win win situation all can now take this and run with it - make it your own!


Christine's Pantry said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Tina @flourtrader said...

This looks wonderful1 It brings me back to the days when I was younger and life was more carefree. You know those days..the ones where your biggest concern making sure you would be able to go to the community pool for a swim and then afterwards to Dairy Queen for a cold malt.
Thanks for the frosty reminder, no doubt this mixes up to a better treat than DQ-Yum!

Anonymous said...

Yes I love this and drink to the creator, who at all times ,doesn't only create divine things but very funny rhymes;)

janet@cupcakestocaviar said...

oooo; I haven't had a malt in years. Now I want one. Time to make a store run :-D BUZZED!

Maureen said...

I haven't had a malt since I worked at a soda fountain as a kid. That's a LONG time ago. :)

J said...

dang... you make your own vanilla! Tell us how, please! :-)

Barbara said...

Haven't had a malted since I was a kid. :)

Re your flan: I had a Key West friend give me a recipe years ago called Flan Cubano. Very similar and I make it all the time. But, I've never used coconut milk with it. A mistake which I will correct next time.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Yep, thick, rich and delicious is the name of the game.

Anette said...

lovely, just lovely!!

Pacheco Patty said...

This looks good, I've never had a malt, must be an east coast thing!
We had soft serve ice cream or milk shakes in the summer;-)

Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny said...

What a great idea! This is so easy and delicious, perfect for this crazy heat wave we've been having! :)

Angie's Recipes said...

I would love to drink one now!

Marjie said...

I love vanilla milk shakes; they are my favorite. But I'm not a big fan of malt. Stay cool, Dog.

WineDineDivas said...

Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe Christo -we have not have malt in ages :)

Pam said...

Wow! I haven't had a malt in ages and yours looks pretty great! It would be great now with the hot days here. Rich and yummy!

teresa said...

the title to this post is the best.

i just love this, especially the fact that you used coconut milk. i especially love that you make your own vanilla extract, but i would expect nothing less.

Lori Lynn said...

Ah summer and malted milk shakes, thanks for the memories Christo.

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

oh wow such a tasty classic for summer

The Blonde Duck said...

It's 105-I need this!

Jamie said...

Oh I love the addition of coconut milk! Sorry to say that son made so many ice-cube-based smoothies a few years ago in such a short space of time that he destroyed our blender and we have never replaced it. Oh, but now that he's working I'll ask him to replace it (kaching! great idea!) because now I want a very cool shake!

Vickie said...

Malts were such a special treat when I was growing up. I hadn't thought of this in years! Thanks for sharing a recipe, Christo!

jenn@slim-shoppin said...

Love malted anything! Yours looks so good right now, it's 90+ degrees outside and I'd like one right now!

zippiknits said...

We used to make fried, burgers and malts one night a month and more often in summer. Brings back memories! Thank you!

This is something that I could have, without the ice cream, so I'll sub that out for So Delicious, which I can have. The coconut milk is brilliant! Love your vanilla.

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