Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New Year...


How starange do you feel right now? I know I do. It is only three days into the year and I feel like I have been here already. I found some wild mushrooms growing on a dead tree in the Rambles part of Central Park...I regretably did not snap a shot of them on the tree

Stewing pot of seemingly narcotic oyster mushrooms

but I do have a picture of them stewing in a the day before we had them more fresh in a quesadilla but again no photos.

resolution 1: take more pictures

resolution 2: do things better

resolution 3: relax

Sounds like a good lot to year I made my new years resolution to give up making

new years resolutions..but who has'nt done that one.

greasy egg and cheese Blurry no matter what but it was way too late!

I did take some pictures of this building that when it was going up it was called an "eyesore" but now look what it reflects back.


pinknest said...

how fun that you picked mushrooms in the park! and even better that you cooked them. that looks yummy.

Michelle said...

Whatever that egg thing is, it looks delish. I'd eat it!

How did you know the mushrooms weren't poisonous?

doggybloggy said...

you have to study and then believe that the mushrooms are the ones you think they are...after that its all flavor.

Nabeel said...

yupp the building reflections are always cool to see .. it has so many colors during sunsets

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