Thursday, January 18, 2007

Little Flurries

It was sugar dusting snow in the air a few minutes ago lets see if it turns into something. I made some grilled sweet potato and water cress salad to go on the side of my venison stew with buttery corn tortillas. I drizzled balsamic vineger over the salad and I had a squeeze of lime in the stew.

The venison was not gamey in the least, I guess 8 hours in a crok pot would milk the game out of anything. The crockpot is a funny thing that reminds me of being a kid. I have only used this crock pot that I have maybe 3 times, it is fun in a non fun sort of way. You pile everything in it, turn it on and check back like a day later. I have the medallions of the loin left from the venison and I have tasted them already and they are great, well lets clarify I have the tenderloin and I have sliced a couple little medallions to test.


Michelle said...

I'm impressed.

You and your son eat well, I do believe.

Have you always cooked like this? Or is this just some crazy shit you're doing to pass the time.

Tanya Kristine said...

boy. michelle is impressed!

where's the alcohol. son needs alcohol too you know?

doggybloggy said...

TK...funny but I think thats how my little alcohol desires started..I will try and not give him the same..

Michele...always..would it be too obvious to say I really love food.

Beth said...

torture...that's what you do for a living...torture. You are so unkind Dog....well fed, but unkind. ;)

Freebird said...

Women would be crazy not to date a guy like you.

pinknest said...

i know, you and your son eat so gourmet!!!

i don't have a crockpot. should i get one?

doggybloggy said...

Yes Pink get a crockpot there are so many styles now I would probably get one that removes from the heating element. It is an ideal soup maker when you want to walk in and eat something that has cooked all day with out you.

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