Friday, January 12, 2007


I have made Gravlax for many years now and I have experimented with many different herbs besides the traditional dill.

The Salmon sat under these heavy pots and pans for like 20 hours

then it is brushed off and sliced

This time around I have used fresh rosemary and the results are fantastic. The light delicate bouquet of the herb mixed with the oily silkyness of the salmon are a perfect match. My son likes it simply sliced and piled on a plate, and although I like it that way too I usually eat it on some good toasted bread with a little chopped onion or chive or scallion, whichever I have on hand. It wont take us but one day to finish off a large filet like this one which was a little over 2 pounds.

Sesame Pancake layered with carrots and cilantro and sauce then the beef

While I was in Chinatown buying the fish I stopped at my favorite dumpling place and picked up one of their delicious sandwiches which, incedently cost only $1.50. Its called a Sesame Pancake with beef. It is this large round loaf that is kind of shallow fried in a large wok and then cut into triangles then sliced open and filled.

I also fried some fish to eat with our fingers with lime and jalapenos but the pictures will not upload.


pinknest said...

excellent excellent excellent!! it all sounds so good. especially the salmon the salmon the toasted bread. mmmm.

Beth said...

OMG!! Get over to my house PRONTO!!!!!! I LOVE , love, love's my favorite herb...well, that and basil...and marjoram

$1.50?!! WTH??!!

Okay, I'll leave my kitchen door unlocked, just come in and make yourself at home.

Freebird said...

That sounds delicious. A man who can cook - now who can resist that?!

doggybloggy said...

some of the greatest cooks of all time were and are men...come on now...Escoffier, Careme...the list is endless

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