Monday, April 22, 2013

Grilling like you mean it

This past weekend my son turned 15 and one of his favorite things is to eat up on the roof. It could be something as simple as hot dogs or burgers or as complicated as ribs wrapped in banana leaves - it doesnt matter as long as we are sitting outside up on the roof. Well you can imagine his birthday celebration was - up on the roof. We made quite the seafood feast as per his request  and the cutest thing is remembering how he would ask for these things when he was little. I would ask him what special thing he wanted to eat for his birthday and he would say "frimp and frab" so that is what we had  some shrimp and crab.
This post, however, is all about the grilled oyster.
I scrubbed the shells free of any loose dirt and particles and rinsed them under fresh water and put them straight on a hot grill while I made my sauce to top them with. I let the oysters sit on the grill a good 6-8 minutes until they popped open slightly then I shucked them and put them on a plate.
My sauce was simple: a little fresh squeezed lime juice some maple syrup, a little chile oil and a splash of hickory smoked bbq sauce to liven it up a bit. While this is no mignonette it certainly didnt seem like it, the sauce was bright and flavorful and perfect on the lightly grilled oyster.
So good, so lightly briny and so delicious with the little saucy drizzle.
The oysters werent the only thing we had from the grill, I also made some shrimp and some chicken quarters, and we steamed some crab legs inside but they could have easily been done on the side burner of my grill. So the next time you think that your grill is only good for chicken, beef and pork then think again!


Velva said...

Happy 15th birthday to your son- Love the roof top dining experience.


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