Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lets get rollin'

Everyone was begging for the seasons to change, every where you sat you heard 'people' wishing they could wear sweaters or some light leather thing but was too hot, too humid - well its here - the time is now.... so those seasonal have toos can now start. Break out the little sweaters, little leathers and little things. It isnt hot anymore.

some kind of panini with roasted red peppers.

Truffled Egg Toast. Man this is good. The recipe is here.
I substituted assorted olives for the asparagus and used
whole eggs rather than load up on yolks...and yup its
just 'fancy' toad in a hole.

These orchiette, I might have mentioned, are made
from wild chicken mushrooms, olive oil and



The pup - banana - a cousin and an aunt.

things got out of control at 89 mercer

kid and all


buffalodickdy said...

Truffled egg toast & orchiette- sign me up! Show me where the line forms!

Lara Croft said...

How do you make it, is that melted cheese over the egg?

Beth said...

now THAT looks yummy!! no more fish! yuk.

and I SO wanna hang out with you, Banana and The guys eat good, and laugh alot, I'm sure..

pinknest said...

looks like fun!! oooh isn't that egg toast so yummy? i was thinking of making one again. maybe i'll try olives this time!

Tavolini said...

wow, looks like a feast of yum--I've never made orchiette...sounds like a good thing to try on the weekend :)

Stephanie, Single and Blogging said...

People think I'm crazy but I've been wearing winter stuff since September...and it's been hot here. It's cold inside my building.

Mmmmm breakfast looks yummy!

karen said...

yum- how i love paninis!

doggybloggy said...

Buffalodickdy: for you I think the line starts somewhere south of Grand Rapids..LOL

Lara croft: easy its egg toast and cheese with a drizzle of truffle oil.

Beth: when we arent kickin the crap out of each other we get a giggle in...LOL

Pinknest: all props go to you for introducing the treat.

Tavolini: I have an old cookbook with a photo of some old italian women making them and I felt like I was in the photo...

Stephanie et al: who doesnt like little leathers little sweaters and little things?

Karen: think back it used to be called a grilled cheese now it all evolves just like the truffled egg toast.

snowelf said...

I am SO EXCITED you know what Toad in the Hole is! NO ONE ever knows!

DoggyB, you ROCK!!

--snow :)

akakarma said...

What's the point of trying to be original when everyone has already said it all?

doggybloggy said...

Snow: I had to learn..I wasnt privy to the "toad in the hole" until I was already older.

Akakarma: I say that everyday.

Mademoiselle Emilie Eats said...

The panini looks really good. What kind of bread is that?

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Damn, that sandwich looks GOOD!

evalinn said...

The panini looks great!

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