Thursday, August 02, 2007

For Those Unaware

Its SUMMER, and boy is it ever. So to pacify my heated soul I thought I would take us down memory lane. This is one of my window box snowmen taken on St. Patricks day in March of this year. Just like the sitcoms show winter in summer my blog keeps up with Nielsen and does the same. More Snow, more snowmen and Banana taking a picture of me taking a picture. Its like the vaccum sucking its self up, it feels like an implosion. And to even it all out some nice hot and spicy curry.

It is too hot to want to do anything. We are still eating by the way just eating lazy stuff thats all. I chose these pictures because the glow makes them look hot. Keep on sizzlin'


Little Wing said...

Dog, I looked back thru your blog and I love your window box pictures!
So cool!

doggybloggy said...

LW: thanks, I have looked back thru your blog as well and all the biker stuff must be total blast.

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