Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Belly Full of Airwaves

I have my little introductory kick off for my new radio show and its complete with absolutely nothing but that doenst mean it will stay that way. I will be formatting future shows under these specific categories so if there is something you would like to know or if you would like to contribute in some way let me know.

° Whats Fresh and Tasty - I will explore whats in season now and whats going to be in season soon.

° Whats Grilling - Grilling tips and techniques as well as rubs and smokes and marinades

° What's Cooking in My Kitchen - I will talk about what I have on my plate lately

° Gotta Feed The Kid™ - My on going quest to create unique, simple and exciting meals for kids

For now you can listen to my mistake ridden first run. I hope it teases you enough to tune in and call in.


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