Friday, January 10, 2014

Mish mash, doo dads and gobble de gook -

Amazing how time flies - 2013 went by day by day to total 365 days and 2014 will do exactly the same thing - nothing revealing about that revelation but how do we fill those days - that is more a feat than anything else. I probably wasted a good number of those days and I would make myself crazy if I tried to get a tally on that so rather than inflict myself with any kind of burden I will simply say that however many days I wasted last year I will do my darndest to waste less this year. I wrote 12 posts for Char-Broil and I will write 12 or more for them again this year - in fact I have one up already. Salt to taste is demystified - sorta - go check it out.
I have lots of irons in the fire and hopefully this year those irons will do a little more than just get hot. My foray into molecular gastronomy got no further than simply ordering and receiving some things but very little in the way of learning new techniques, that will hopefully change this year.
 Everyone's diets are changing so I am going to embrace that with more vegan. vegetarian and gluten free alternatives.
I can never abandon my New Mexico roots so of course there will always be lots and lots of chile. It looks like I have my year cut out for me - how about you?


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