Friday, January 17, 2014

Gotta Feed The Kid™

Many of you have probably seen me make this statement - Gotta Feed The Kid™ and then I post what I fed him that day - well there is a reason behind it and it is a multi-layered and complicated little entity. Gotta Feed The Kid™ is a domain name that I own that I have yet to start putting content into it mostly because I am a little too busy to devote the time necessary but this is the year I will and once I do - stand back. I am excited to share with you all the wonderful meals I prepare for my son that you could just as easily prepare for your families as well. While my son has been eating all kinds of unusual things his entire life he is just as much a fan of the simple things so I try and mix it up a bit to not only keep him excited about food but also not to take him so far out of the box that he becomes jaded.
We eat a lot of the same things for the most part as well - all I do is change up the preparation of the side dish and its a "tried and true" with a twist. This Chicken Madras is something I would make often as we are big fans of the Indian and West Indian flavors.
Eggs, we typically make Sunday brunch and its usually either eggs or pancakes or waffles or all three.
Southwestern food from my native New Mexico is always on the menu in some form or another. This is a stacked enchilada that just also happens to have eggs - you will find out soon enough that we like eggs. So I hope to have the website up soon and I hope to see you all there and believe it or not I will be posting recipes so you can recreate the dishes and share them with your families. I am psyched.


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