Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nitty gritty witty ol' bitty - or caprese salad, dumpling house and what nots for good SEO

Why do people join groups to learn how to do things independently? I will never understand the lemmings and turkeys of this world and if you dont know what I mean by that I will explain - you put one turkey in a box then all the turkeys will want to be in that box - one lemming jumps off a cliff then all the other lemmings will follow. There are so many various blog conferences out there that purport to teach bloggers how to be better bloggers for a fee - well I have news for you - you've been had. These types of conferences are designed to make money for the people putting on the conference by sucking in the gullible who will pay the fees to "learn" and then walk away with a potato peeler and some wine or what ever other little doo-dads they can put together on the cheap. Typically they might get some sponsors and then the sponsors will give things away. Its a pretty simple and basic formula - buy the book on how to get rich but the only person getting rich is the person selling the book. Whats my point? No point, just having a good chuckle to myself when I hear about these "blog conferences" thats all.

Want one of the best sandwiches for an exorbitantly cheap price that you wont even believe its so cheap and then you will tell all your friends and then the price will go up and the quality will go down and the whole thing will be worthless in no time flat?

Then go to Vanessa's dumpling house on Eldridge - not only are they known for the best and cheapest dumplings in all the land but they make a mean sesame pancake sandwich too.

I opted for the peking duck that set me back an outstanding $2.25. Oh, I could give you some kind of negative review like the lines are too long for both the food and the bathroom and its hard to get a seat but that kind of inconvenience would only make you run not walk to the place so why bother.

I will even post the menu so you can see how cheap it is and then you can act all cool like you discovered something when you brag about it to your friends - and just so you know not too many people can remember the place before it got renovated - I am one of those people.


Mexico in my kitchen said...

Cheers to you Dear Christo.
Right to the point.
I always have a good time reading your posts.


TavoLini said...

mmm I like the idea of sesame pancake sandwiches--are the vegetables pickled?

Tina said...

Darn it all-and i just submitted your name to be a guest speaker at the Blogger conference next year!
Ha! Enjoyed this read.

Anonymous said...

Good AND cheap?! Amazing, do such things exist. It is as if you have found Bigfoot! Well done and now I am hungry!

Ellie said...

:) Love when people say it like it is!! That caprese salad looks delishious, I cant wait for my tomatoes to grow!

The Mom Chef said...

Bravo. That's all I'm going to say.

Barbara said...

That IS cheap! And the sesame pancake sandwich looks delish.
Seems to me the only advantage to a blogger conference is the opportunity to meet and talk with other bloggers. Perhaps they can commiserate on the uselessness of it all?

Magic of Spice said...

Excellent point! Your caprese salad looks amazing and I am now craving something called a sesame pancake :)

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