Saturday, March 26, 2011

sharing my strength

Every now and again this ol' dog gets thrown a bone and everytime this ol' dog gets a bone he throws it so that others can chew on it too. Now I know that is a metaphor with all kinds of mixed meanings and implications but the genuine and whole hearted feeling is whole. Share our Strength is something I have been happy to partner with for the last three years. If you havent got on board I dont know what you are waiting for.

Well it just so happens that Pyrex and Sandra Lee, yup, "that" Sandra Lee are teaming up for the Great American Bake Sale with Share our Strength.

There are rules for pyrex and if you break them well then you end up with broken pyrex so dont break them.

Anyway I got some Pyrex in the mail so I made a casserole since casseroles are fun. Spinach in a bechamel sauce with breaded and lightly fried chicken cutlets and puff pastry - kicked up chicken pot pie. Now its your turn to get out there and share your strength.


Anette said...

Spinach and bechamel sauce in a Pyrex pan, I used to make a "green lasagna" with that! Yum!

Lea Ann said...

I have broken Pyrex's not a pretty sight. Funny thing you should mention this, I attended a meeting today to where a group of us Colorado Bloggers are planning an event. Look forward to being involved in this.

Christina said...

I didn't know about adding liquid? I've never broken Pyrex, thankfully, but I've heard some horror stories!!!

Your casserole looks delicious! One of my favorite types of dinners!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Pyrex and I aren't always the very best of friends, but it does do jobs where other products do not dare to go.

That is one kicked up chicken pot pie.

Barbara said...

Most of my baking dishes are pyrex. Luckily, I haven't broken one in ages.
(Guess I shouldn't have written that out)
That is certainly a kicked up pot pie...

Mexico in my kitchen said...

My first set of pyrex still with me since I got married. Long time ago. The ste is still complete after the many uses.

Great looking pot pie. Well everything you cook looks good.:)

Marjie said...

Make sure you don't put your pyrex on one of those concealed stove burners and then f*** up and turn the burner on, because it will explode. See my post after Thanksgiving for an account if you don't believe me. I was not a happy girl when that pie got ruined. I have a lot of pyrex, and love it.

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