Tuesday, August 09, 2005


We have gone to the pool almost every single day for the past 5 weeks and my boy can now swim! He can dive to the bottom to get a nickel and he can almost start to do the crawl stroke. He floats on his back calmly and mostly doggy paddles. We have been to the beach only once but as far as the swimming there went it was great, he has really come a long way. We were swimming in a lake just two days ago. I am so proud and happy. We will be in Carmel, NY for a few days at a lake house and this should be great, we already found wild raspberries on Sunday at Harriman so we know they are out there, maybe we will get lucky and find some nice mushrooms as well.


Harmony said...

I remember how exciting it was when my oldest learned how to is such a wonderful feeling to see our children grow isn't it?

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