Sunday, February 06, 2011

Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge - first post.

Challengers, pick three items from the below list and answer this question:

What ridiculously delicious thing would you do with them if you won?

The Goodie List

Kobe Beef Sliders OR Kobe Beef BurgersWhole Quail OR Semi-Boneless Quail
Wild Boar St. Louis Spare RibsPink Salmon Fillets
Kangaroo Burgers OR Ground Kangaroo MeatWild Mushroom Sampler (contents may change)
Live Oyster SamplerUltimate Chile Head Sampler
10lb Specialty Burger SamplerMega Pantry Sampler
Pekin Duck BreastsFresh Blood Oranges
5lbs Frozen Wild Huckleberries20lb Heirloom Potato Sampler
1lb Fresh Daruma WasabiSpecialty Sausage Sampler
14lb Dried Bean Sampler1lb Bourbon Vanilla Beans
Superior Spanish Saffron Threads2 Live Geoducks
Edible Flower Assortment &Microflower Blend

Your job, as my lovely blog readers, is to guess which items I chose. (pretend you hear the countdown music from Jeopardy as I wait for your answers)...........



Ok I wasnt really serious - I have to pick the ingredients - its part of the contest. So what did I pick and what will I do with them?

I pick the Fresh Daruma Wasabi that I will grate in its entirety and use as a face mask and as a bath salt, I am sure it will be invigorating. I also pick the Peking Duck Breasts that I will leave frozen and use as you would cucumber slices to relieve eye puffiness and thirdly I choose the Pink Salmon Filets that I will puree in the blender and use as a rich omega-3 hair conditioner. You see each of these items have curative and restorative properties so why not apply them topically?

Ok, seriously, I would make a deliciously spicy miso and wasabi soup, and since I would have so much I would make a wasabi remoulade to toss with shrimp and after I get a taste of it I am sure I will come up with more ideas so please lay off the pressure I still have to say what I am going to do with duck and salmon. I might make a terrine of the duck or I might make delicately thin slices and stack them layered with potato and mushroom and maybe even serve them with a light wasabi sauce- who knows. Now about the salmon - I will most likely make sushi rolls and perhaps some kind of salmon carpaccio - I might also make a salmon mousse. Now my experience teaches me that if I want to win this contest I will make wasabi mayonnaise, grill the salmon and pan fry the duck and try to keep it all as simple as possible..we shall see.


Marjie said...

Here and I was sure you'd choose the mushroom sampler, wasabi and one of those wonderful exotic meats!

Stacey Snacks said...

How did you get that picture of me before I go to bed??
I say you chose the duck breasts, for many reasons.

Anonymous said...

Aww, come on - you didn't pick live geoducks?

doggybloggy said...

Thats funny that you said that - I can get live geoducks here in NYC and besides eating them raw as sushi I have never figured out what else to do with them...

My Carolina Kitchen said...

What an assortment to choose from!

I had to look up geoducks because I've never heard of them.

Denise Romeo said...

That is a lot of wasabi!

Magic of Spice said...

That is quite an assortment to chose from...should be fun seeing what you come up with :)

FOODalogue said...

Funny! But I'm sure you'll whip up something delicious and good looking.

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