Sunday, February 26, 2006

Eggs Benedict

Ok, finally got through the most boring week I have felt in a long time and now it is Sunday and the weekend is almost over...damn. Anyway I make a wide variety of egss benedict, from florentine to norweigian to morroccan style, all with equal zip and zing; some with hollandaise some with bechamel, I will even make a dilluted cheese sauce (bernaise).

Culinary history tells us that eggs benedict originated in New York about 100 years ago. There are at least two stories about the original eggs Benedict, though both date to 1890’s New York City. One story names Delmonico’s as the point of origin, in 1893. A Mrs LeGrand Benedict (and possibly her husband) were tired of the usual fare at the restaurant, and negotiated the new dish with the help of the maître d’hôtel. The more interesting story credits Mr Lemuel Benedict, who requested toast, bacon, poached eggs, and a small pitcher of hollandaise to help treat a hangover one morning in 1894 at the Waldorf-Astoria. If true, Mr Benedict also appears to have been the first to recognize the therapeutic effects of eggs Benedict. So, take your pick: 1893 or 1894, downtown or midtown, restaurant or hotel, wife of the elite or Wall Street broker, fighting tedium or fighting intoxication.

So today I will look through the kitchen and decide how I am going to make these poached eggs today. I have bread and I have a flat bread style pita and I could make bisquits and I have tortillas both flour and corn but I do not have english muffin so they will be some variation on the original. I could use a cutter and cut the bread into shapes or just tear it rustically...who knows.......I have decided to use corn tortillas layerd with discs of potato in a sort of enchilada style napolean stacked chile bechamel covered eggs benedict a la nuevo mejico with a simple side salad of tomatoes and leafy green lettuce and diced cucumber....and thats that!


Freebird said...

But do you make migas? If you're not sure what that is I'll assume it's a Tex/Mex thing.

doggybloggy said...

eggs and tortillas mixed?

Freebird said...

Yes, small pieces of tortillas mixed into eggs with salsa and grated cheese. Good stuff!

doggybloggy said...

I have heard that called "chilaquiles" also...there is a jewish passover version called cheese or salsa but eggs with bits of matzo cracker mixed in

Royce said...

OK, eggs benedict is one of my favorite dishes. Now I am HUNGRY

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