Friday, June 10, 2005


New York is miserable. The heat the humidity, the silly fashionistas. It rained this morning and I thought for sure that it would break this heat wave but it did not, it is still muggy as ever. I read a funny blog yesterday by a girl in California, she was describing some first date she never went on and the whole thing gave me a giggle. You know I complain about New York a lot but I am still here, if I hate it so much I should leave, that would be the advice I would give anyone yet not the advice I follow myself. It is futile. I went on a drive with Matt yesterday in a brand new Volvo, it was nice, this car has power. We got lost in White Plains and then found ourselves crossing the Whitestone bridge ending up on the "other" side of Rikers Island. All in all it was a nice two hours. Well I should be doing some things around the house but I am not.


Harmony said...

You..hate New York? Must have been a bad day.

I love taking car rides...and getting lost...honestly!

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