Friday, February 23, 2007


Chicken and dumplings and a salad. I am spiraling out of culinary control. Before too long I am going to be going on and on about the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I "created." Well 'nuff said I have got to be the worst dumpling maker that ever made a dumpling, these came out ok and I chalk that up to luck, see I have never been good at dropping dough into water and getting
anything that appealed to me.

I think that I am too caught up in the texture of a good matzoh ball that any "dumpling" just doesnt hold up. You can go into just about any diner in NYC and order a matzoh ball soup and have it be exactly like you expect. Dense flavorful matzoh ball and a nice light and clear broth that is simple and perfect. Take me back to steak. I have 4 of those already tender ribeyes "aging" in my little fridge. Sausage is hanging and drying and steaks are aging. All this makes me feel so decadent, I feel like that Rolling Stones lyric that says "the meat I eat for dinner must be hung up for a week" I got Nasty Habits.


Beth said...

I think that soup and salad looks pretty good...I think you are your own worst critic. I haven't seen anything that looks remotely "ordinary"..well, except for that fish head, which wasn't ordinary just gross.

I love salad...and meat.

Whatcha cookin tomorrow? ;)

Michelle said...

"spiraling out of culinary control" I seriously think not.

Your soup and salad look good and I'm betting it tasted even better.

pinknest said...

what? it looks awesome!! consistency is what's hard in the kitchen. i guess that's what we love about restaurants.

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